Thursday, 31 March 2016

'A THOUGHT' - New Year 2016 - 2017

New Year 2016 - 2017

New beginnings are not

 for us to look back with regrets

But rather to look forward with joyful anticipation

To do what we have never done before

To be daring and confident

To be more loving, more forgiving 
and more sharing

To be compassionate and 

 kind like never before.

Saturday, 26 March 2016



Passion Week Service

O thou that art far from anger, abundant in mercy and righteous indeed, accept our daily prayer and our supplication and accept our penitence and our humility and our service before thy holy san heavenly ark and before thy holy, heavenly, stainless and spotless alter.

Make us meet to hear the word of the Gospel and keep thy commandments and thy law and thy testimony, and bless us that we may bear fruit, remaining not one but increasing thirty, sixty and an hundred fold through Jesus Christ our lord.

Remember Lord, the sick among thy people; visit them in thy mercy and heal them in thy compassion.

Remember lord, our fathers and brothers who have travelled and who have sojourned to trade; bring them back to their dwelling place in safety and peace.

Remember Lord, the dew of the air and the fruits of the earth, bless them and keep them without loss.

Remember Lord, the down coming of the rains and the waters and rivers and bless them.

Remember Lord, the plants and the seeds and the fruit of the fields every year, bless them and make them abundant.

Remember Lord, the safety of thy own holy church and all the cities and countries of our orthodox fathers the apostles.

Remember Lord, the safety of man and of beast and of me thy sinful servant.

Remember lord, our fathers and our brothers and our sisters who have fallen asleep and gone to their rest in the orthodox faith.

Remember Lord, them that have presented unto thee this offering, and those from whom they have brought them; grant them a good recompense in heaven and comfort them all in their distress.

Remember Lord, the captives of thy people, and bring them again in peace to their dwelling place.

Remember Lord, the afflicted and distressed.

Remember lord, the Christian catechumens of thy people, show them thy pity and have mercy upon them, and establish them in the right faith banish from their hearts all remnant of idolatry; confirm in their hearts thy law and thy commandments and they fear and thy righteousness and thy holy ordinance; so that they may know the power of the word wherein they have been instructed, and in the appointed time make them all meet for the new birth and for the remission of their sin and prepare them to be an ark for the Holy Spirit.

Remember Lord, thy servants, the poor who are under oppression, have pity upon them and establish them in the right faith, and make them a dwelling place of the Holy Spirit through spiritual joy and the love of man, through thy only begotten Son our Lord and our God and Our Saviour Jesus Christ, through whom to thee with him and with the Holy spirit be glory an dominion, both now and ever and world without end. Amen.

Glory be to thee, Lord our God almighty, who has made us meet to hear the word of thy holy Gospel and greet it and rejoice in it, again we ask and beseech that thou should write the word of the holy Gospel in our hearts, And accept our prayers in this thy temple wherein our lord Jesus Christ hath entered and send thy mercy and thy compassion upon us and upon thy people, thoughthy only begotten Son, for thine is the Glory and power, world without end. Amen.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Vellore Paramedical Sponsorship

Respected and Dear all,

Members of the Malankara Orthodox Church have the opportunity to apply for sponsorship for paramedical courses in C M C Vellore. Those who are interested, please contact MGOCSM Student Centre, College Road, Kottayam-1; Ph.0481-2567338-;

Please note:

1.      Application form can be obtained from /  MGOCSM Student Centre, College Road, Kottayam-1./ Contact Ph. No 0481 2567338.

2.      Enclose a Demand Draft in favour of ‘MGOCSM’ for Rs. 600/- payable to Kottayam, being the application fee.

3.      Attach Baptism Certificate.